Helmet Research Update


Bike Helmet resized 600

Thank you for donating your old helmets to MEA!

We’ve crash tested over 800 of the helmets you’ve donated and our preliminary results show that the impact attenuation performance of bicycle helmets is largely unaffected by age. Our sample of bicycle helmets included only helmets that had no evidence of prior impact-related damage and only helmets that were certified to North American, European, or Australian/New Zealand helmet standards. The oldest helmet we tested was manufactured in 1987. Although our results indicate that the impact performance of bicycle helmet liners don’t degrade with age alone, there are other factors that can affect helmet performance and we encourage users to replace their helmet if they have any doubts regarding the helmet’s integrity or condition.

We had the privilege of presenting these data at the ASTM F08.53 technical meeting in May 2015 and also discussing our results with the CBC. We are currently working on a technical paper - stay tuned for more details.