Los Angeles Area Continuing Education Seminars

Continuing Education Courses and Seminars Offered by MEA Forensic.  Our experts are certified by the California State Bar and the California Department of Insurance to provide continuing education courses.

Collision Reconstruction

  • Collision dynamics & evasion
  • Crash data recorders
  • Seat belt analysis
  • Heavy truck reconstruction
  • Rollover reconstruction
  • Pedestrian impacts

Accident Reconstruction Software

  • PC–Crash
  • MADYMO occupant dynamics

Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

  • Speed analysis
  • Motorcycle braking
  • Tire mark analysis
  • Visibility analysis
  • Computer simulation
  • Avoidance potential

Human Factors

  • Driver/operator vision and visibility
  • Perception/response
  • Attention/distraction
  • Memory
  • Motor coordination
  • Warnings, instructions and signage
  • Nighttime visibility

Injury Biomechanics

  • Anatomy
  • Injury causation analysis
  • Seat belt defense
  • Biomechanics of Trip, Slip & Fall
  • Hazard identification
  • Injury assessment
  • Coefficient of friction
  • Building code analysis


  • Water escape
  • Accident site inspection: Why & When
  • Structural damage and failures


  • Product litigation
  • Failure analysis and methodology
  • Failed and broken hardware details
  • Evidence preservation and spoilation


  • Aircraft systems/failure analysis
  • Certification/compliance analysis
  • FAA operating rules/ATC procedures
  • Pilot training/human factors
  • Engine failures/fires/shutdowns


To schedule a complimentary session for any of the above topics, or to book a custom seminar, please contact Lois Kirchhoff at 949 273 1127 or email Lois. Seminars can be combined or customized as requested.

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