September 2016

MEA Forensic exhibits at the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles annual convention in Las Vegas, NV with Dave KingJohn Gardiner, Steven Anderson, Bradley Rutledge, Tim Nelson, Russell Gish and Matthew Yanko in attendance.

Bradley Rutledge plays in the San Diego Defense Lawyers 2016 Golf Benefit Tournament at the Coronado Golf Course in San Diego

MEA is a sponsor at the Association of Southern California Defense Counsel San Diego Litigation Conference in Torrey Pines, San Diego.  Cole Young attends.

September 2012 Forensic Engineering News

MEA Forensic exhibits at the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles Convention (CAALA), September 6-9. David King, Principal, Senior Engineer presented at the convention and participated in a mock trial.

MEA Forensic Engineers & Scientists welcomes Tom Klement, PEng, as our Senior Road Engineer.  Mr Klement received his BSc. in Civil Engineering in 1971, followed by his MSc. in Concrete Structures and Technology in 1972.  For over 30 years Mr Klement worked for the Ministry of Transportation Ontario in various capacities, such as Highway Design & Planning, Materials Research, and Safety Research.  Tom now conducts technical investigations involving roadside safety, highway design standards and road conditions.

John Gardiner and Matthew Manjarrez attend the Western State College of Law Alumni Achievement Dinner honoring Yoshiaki Kubota among other distinguished alumni.

Jonathan Lawrence, presents for the American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME) the topic was Car Crashes and Forensic Engineering.

Craig Wilkinson presents to Canadian Defence Lawyers’ Boot Camp Program on “Slip, Trips & Falls”.
Travis Fricker & Xaine Bhatia attend the League of Ordinary Gentlemen Golf Tournament at Lionhead.
Craig Wilkinson presents to the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) Continuing Education event for Young Lawyers.

August 2011 News

MEA Forensic Engineers & Scientists is pleased to announce the appointment of Travis Fricker, PEng to the position of Project Engineer in the Transportation Group at the Mississauga Office. Travis previously worked for MEA in the Richmond office and brings 7 years of experience in Collision Reconstruction including expertise in computer simulations, crash testing and nighttime visibility assessments.

MEA Forensic Engineers & Scientists is pleased to welcome Maria Fernandes, EIT to the Mississauga Office Transportation Group. Maria graduated with honours in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto and spent three years as a Product Compliance Specialist at Mercedes-Benz Canada.

John Gardiner and Check Kam's article, Biomechanics of Auto Accidents : Injury mechanics and medical opinion combine to form the testimony for injury causation. is published in The Advocate magazine.

Vickie Norton and Mark Bailey's article titled,  Aircraft Accident Investigation: Eight Tips for Deploying an Aviation Expert. is published in The Advocate magazine.

September 2010 MEA Forensic News

Collaborative research between MEA Forensic and researchers from the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute ( and the Chalmers University of Technology ( was published at the 2010 Conference of the International Council on the Biomechanics of Impact (IRCOBI, in Hannover, Germany. The article, entitled "Motion of the head and neck of female and male volunteers in rear impact car-to-car tests at 4 and 8 km/h", was a re-analysis of previously published MEA Forensic data aimed at the development of a female version of the BioRID whiplash dummy.

Jonathan Lawrence and Heather Andrews attend the Trial Lawyers Association of BC Conference on Criminal Law.

Mark Bailey attends The International Association of Arson Investigators fire investigation course.

Jason Droll and Kurt Ising attend the 54th Annual Meeting of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.

MEA staff attend the Second Annual League of Ordinary Gentlemen Golf Tournament in Brampton, Ontario.

Xaine Bhatia attends the Canadian Defence Lawyer’s Insurance Coverage Primer.

MEA Forensic staff members attend the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Melinda Munroe attends the Orange County Risk and Insurance Management Society monthly Chapter Meeting. Marsh Risk and Insurance Services spoke on “Excellence in Risk Management VII”. 

Check Kam and Melinda Munroe attend the Orange County Paralegal Association Educational Conference in Newport Beach, CA.

MEA Forensic participates in the Annual Blue Goose Los Angeles/Orange Puddle Golf Tournament.

Navid Nastar attends the Annual Defense Research Institute Construction Law Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada.