Injury Biomechanics

Our Injury Biomechanics Group combines knowledge of injury/impact biomechanics, anatomy, and human performance to determine how injuries are caused and prevented.  All of our biomechanics professionals have engineering degrees and experience testing biological tissues.

To examine injury causation, we compare the mechanisms of a diagnosed injury to the forces experienced in a crash or other event. For other cases, we quantify the range of human performance for specific movements and tasks, and evaluate the human or environmental factors that caused or contributed to an injury or loss.

We often collaborate with our collision reconstruction team to build a complete understanding of an incident and the resulting injuries. We investigate all types of injury- and human-related issues, such as:

Injury Biomechanics  Slip, Trip & Fall
Injury causation  Coefficient of friction
Seatbelt effectiveness  Injury mechanics
Exposure/risk comparisons  Stairs, ramps and handrails
Helmet effectiveness  Code compliance
Occupant kinematics  Obstacle avoidance
Driver identification  Lighting and hazard visibility
Pedestrian impacts  


Sport, Recreation & Playgrounds


Human Factors & Performance

Diving accidents  Visibility and conspicuity
Sports and safety equipment Human strength
Product failure Reaction time
Amusement park incidents Ergonomics 
Bicycle accidents Firearms and shootings
Exercise equipment Fatigue and distraction
Playground structures and surfaces  


Contact our Injury Biomechanics Expert Witnesses

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Vancouver, BC Gunter Siegmund 604 277 3659
Vancouver, BC Dennis Chimich 778 724 1620
Los Angeles, CA John Gardiner 949 273 1122
Toronto, ON Benjamin Elkin 905 595 8597