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Collectively, our professionals have published over 250 articles in trade publications, below is a sample of some of the most recent:

Driven to Distraction

Pilot Duty of Care and the Role of the Human Factors Expert

There's Something in the Road - Now What?!

Concussions: A Biomechanical Perspective

Wheel Separations

Biomechanics of Head Injury Causation and Prevention

Jaywalking and the Elusive Unmarked Crosswalk

Pedestrian Visibility in Night-time Impacts

Analyzing Vehicle-Pedestrian Collisions

Biomechanics of Auto Accidents

Aircraft Accident Investigation

Water Tank Failures

Human Factors - Visual Attention

Driver Identification

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At MEA Forensic, we believe research is a key part of practicing forensic engineering. In addition to advancing our science, research provides clients with better answers from better qualified experts.

Please call or email if you would like a copy of one of the 250+ publications authored by MEA's engineers and scientists.

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