Event Data Recorders -"Black Boxes" In Cars

Computer microchips control everything from fuel injectors to airbags in modern cars.  In addition to making sure that the car runs properly, some of these on-board computers can capture important information in the event of a crash like aircraft “black boxes”.  This information is referred to as electronic crash data.

MEA can download electronic crash data from a wide range of vehicles using a crash data retrieval system from Bosch.  MEA also has the equipment required to download crash data from some heavy trucks.

The electronic crash data available depends on the specific car model.  Electronic crash data can be critical to investigations of liability, fraud and injury causation because it can include the following details:

- Speed for several seconds before the crash
- Pre-crash brake application, throttle position and steering
- Seat belt use by occupants
- Airbag function
- Crash severity

For an investigation involving electronic crash data to be reliable in the eyes of the court it is important that suitably qualified experts are involved.  Our engineers are certified to perform data downloads and routinely publish peer-reviewed research regarding the accuracy and reliability of electronic crash data.

Event Data Recorder Case Studies Event Data Recorder Case Studies