Toronto Area Continuing Education Seminars

Continuing Education Courses and Seminars Offered by MEA Forensic.  Our courses are accredited by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

Collision Reconstruction

  • Using collision reconstruction to establish liability
  • Heavy truck accident reconstruction - unique issues
  • The reliability of vehicle "black boxes"
  • Simulations and animations
  • Sorting imperfections from defects in vehicle crashes
Injury Biomechanics
  • Using injury biomechanics to assess injury causation
  • Head injuries and helmets
  • Seatbelt effectiveness in frontal, lateral and rollover crashes
  • Injury biomechanics in property and product liability cases

Human Factors

  • Collision avoidance and the role of human factors
  • Nighttime visibility - human factors in the dark
  • Distracted driving
  • Warning labels

Failure Analysis

  • Why water escapes and how to subrogate without getting soaked
  • On fire: the science behind origin and cause investigations
  • Finding the root cause of consumer product failures
  • Using metallurgy to identify manufacturing defects


  • Aviation accident causes - pilot error or microscopic defect
  • An engineer/airline transport pilot's unique perspective on aviation safety


  • 10 tips for effective expert use
  • Get all the data - from black boxes to infotainment
  • When your expert meets their expert


To schedule a complimentary session for any of the above topics, or to book a custom seminar, please contact Jana Sullivan at 905 595 8576 or email JanaSeminars can be combined or customized as requested.

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