We offer continuing education courses, seminars and webinars for insurance and legal professionals. Our experts are certified by the California State Bar and our courses are accredited by the Law Society of Ontario and the Law Society of BC. Seminars can be combined or customized as requested. To schedule a complimentary session for any of the topics listed below, or to book a custom seminar, please reach out to our Vancouver, Toronto or LA contact.


topics covered:

  • 10 tips for effective expert use
  • When your expert meets their expert
  • Getting expert evidence accepted

Collision Reconstruction

topics covered:

  • Using collision reconstruction to establish liability
  • The reliability of vehicle “black boxes”
  • Get all the data – from black boxes to infotainment
  • Simulations and animations
  • Crashworthiness
  • Heavy truck collision reconstruction
  • New car technology
  • Cars, trains, buses, heavy trucks, bicycles and motorcycles
  • Sorting imperfections from defects in vehicle crashes
  • Video analysis

Injury Biomechanics

topics covered:

  • Using injury biomechanics to assess injury causation
  • Head injuries and helmets
  • Seatbelt effectiveness in frontal, lateral and rollover crashes
  • Injury biomechanics in property and product liability cases
  • Shooting analysis

Human Factors

topics covered:

  • Collision avoidance and the role of human factors
  • Nighttime visibility – human factors in the dark
  • Distracted driving
  • Warning labels

Failure Analysis

topics covered:

  • Why water escapes and how to subrogate without getting soaked
  • Finding the root cause of consumer product failures
  • Using metallurgy to identify manufacturing defects


topics covered:

  • Aviation accident causes – pilot error or microscopic defect
  • An engineer/airline transport pilot’s unique perspective on aviation safety

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