Expert Witness Aviation Investigation

June 23, 2020
| Location: Zoom, your home or office
Expert Witness Aviation Investigation

Our experts have put together a webinar to explain their role as cause-of-failure investigators in plane and helicopter crashes. We hope you will join us.




June 23rd, 2020 10:00 AM Pacific / 1:00 PM Eastern On Zoom



Learn about the expert witness’ role as cause-of-failure investigator in plane and helicopter crashes with MEA’s own experts in human factors, material failure and crash reconstruction. Our presenters are certified continuing education providers by the California State Bar, and our courses are accredited by the Law Societies of British Columbia and Ontario.

For more information, contact Marcia Araujo.

The presenters – Forensic Aviation Investigation


Vickie Norton, Project Engineer, Aviation accident expert and Airline Transport Pilot at MEA Forensic in Los Angeles

Captain Vickie Norton leads the Aviation Group of the Los Angeles office of MEA Forensic Engineers & Scientists, performing multi-jurisdictional accident investigation for aircraft accidents both large and small. She is an active Airline Transport Pilot, concurrently flying a full schedule as an Airbus A-320/319 Captain for a major airline, having amassed over 14,000 flight hours. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering, a Master’s of Science in Aviation/Aviation Safety, and a private rotorcraft rating. She has served as an FAA-certificated ground/flight instructor as well as an FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) for a major airframe manufacturer. Past and present cases run the gamut from FAA Part 61, 91, 135 and 121; including but not limited to: Powerplant, systems and component failures; maintenance and regulatory issues; pilot duty-of-care; aviation weather; human factors, and everything in between.

Vickie's presentation:

  • Engine/system/component failures
  • Pilot and/or crew decision-making/duty-of care
  • Human Factors

Dennis Turriff a Senior Engineer at MEA Forensic in Toronto

Dr. Dennis Turriff is a senior engineer and leads MEA Forensic’s Failure Analysis group in Toronto. His background in both materials science and mechanical engineering help him isolate the root cause of failure in a wide variety of incidents involving vehicles, industrial equipment, consumer products, plumbing, fire protection systems and medical devices.

Dennis's presentation:

  • Detailed case study: Cessna engine failure
  • The nuts and bolts of forensic inspection techniques
  • Evidence preservation and documentation


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