Cole Young on the State of the Art in Video Analysis, Photogrammetry, and UAVs at SAE Digital Summit

June 16, 2020 - June 18, 2020
| Location: Online, Online
Cole Young on the State of the Art in Video Analysis, Photogrammetry, and UAVs at SAE Digital Summit

Cole Young takes part in the Technical Expert Panel Discussion on Video Analysis, Photogrammetry, and UAVs: The State of the Art at SAE International’s Digital Summit. Watch and learn as thousands of engineers, researchers and decision makers from across the industry converge online and collaborate on the shift to mobility in the first ever WCX Digital Summit, June 16-18, 2020.

Accident reconstructionists are often tasked with analyzing evidence that exists solely in photographs or video. To do so, techniques of photogrammetry and video analysis are required. This panel will discuss the modern techniques that analysts use to extract useful information from photographs and video, and will include a discussion on combining photogrammetry techniques with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, or drones) to map accident sites and traffic patterns. It is part of SAE’s impressive lineup of technical panel discussions that cover topics that will challenge your thinking, and be thought-provoking, and even disruptive. For the Digital Summit program and to attend, visit the SAE WCX Digital Summit website.

This discussion is in line with Cole’s passion for video analysis and UAVs which enriches his work at MEA Forensic. He recently published the results of a research project in which the team’s goal was to evaluate the ability of using a match-moving technique and consumer-grade video cameras to quantify the roll, pitch and yaw angles and angular velocities of a rollover crash. He was to present his research at SAE World Congress this year, and he recorded his presentation, which you can find here.

Cole will sit on the expert panel along with Dr. James Ebert, expert forensic photogrammetrist and photographic analyst from Ebert & Associates, and Angad Singh, business development executive at Pix4D Inc. based in Denver. Neal Carter, Vice-President and Principal Engineer at Denver-based Luminous Forensics, is the panel moderator.

The Society of Automotive Engineers’ WCX™ World Congress Experience is the mobility industry’s anticipated annual event for forward-thinking engineers, executives, OEMs, suppliers, decision-makers, disruptors and the entire spectrum of the mobility-engineering field. Three days of expert-led technical education, peer-to-peer networking, a technology-driven exhibit floor and global mobility solutions that are shifting the marketplace. Even though they had to cancel this April’s conference, there was too many great speakers, in-depth content, and knowledge sharing to miss out on. So, the Digital Summit is bringing all of this straight to you in the safety of your home office.

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