Presenting our research at the EVU Congress in Barcelona

EVU congress

Craig Wilkinson and Brad Heinrichs are in Barcelona to present their research at the 28th Annual EVU Congress. The event is hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers in Spain and Applus+ IDIADAS at the DissenyHub, home of the Design Museum of Barcelona, on October 24-26. Craig’s presentation is about the accuracy of speed change reported by event data recorders in airbag control modules, while Brad will bring forward his work on the effect of residual crush correction on accuracy of impact simulation. 

The congress offers four major topics: Pedestrian and bicycle accidents; powered two-wheelers and new vehicle types (incl. pedelecs, e-scooters, segways); digitalisation (EDR, traffic simulation, automated driving); and an Open Forum. You will find a link to the proceedings of this 28th Annual Congress right on this page as soon as they become available.

The European Association for Accident Research (EVU) was founded in 1991 by the accident analyst Prof. Dr. Heinz Burg with the goal to improve the standards and the position of accident analysts in Europe. Today, it is a pan-European association of over a thousand experts in the field of accident research and reconstruction, headquartered in Graz, Austria and operating in 20 countries. The objectives of the EVU include the improvement of the basic principles and the methodology of accident analysis; carrying out of projects in the area of accident research; and improvement of the exchange of expert knowledge across Europe.

The first Annual EVU Congress was held in Vienna, Austria, in 1992. These Annual Congresses have developed since that time into an important educational event for accident analysts throughout the world.


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