Mr. Chris Espinosa is the Visual Communication Specialist at MEA Forensic. From our Los Angeles office, he creates demonstrative evidence our experts use to present technical information to clients and the court. His specialties include graphics, video, animation, multimedia, and virtual reality.

Chris has built a career fostering effective scientific communication through visual arts. He has created educational videos, animated medical procedures, and crafted interactive multimedia displays for a varied audience, to name a few. He joined MEA after nearly two decades working as a Multimedia Manager for an international science and engineering firm. There, he built and led a team specialized in legal, medical and scientific animations and graphics. He is not only as a visual artist, but also as an experienced project manager, team leader, and art director.

“I draw from both my extensive experience and my creativity to create clean, pleasing graphics that tell a story,” he describes. “Our engineers and our clients depend on it. My goal is to make MEA’s graphics and animations the best in the forensic industry.”

As an expert in new visual communication technologies, Chris is also spearheading MEA’s exploration of virtual reality (VR) as a forensic engineering tool. “With our Faro 3D laser scanner, we’re able to generate a point cloud so detailed, it looks like a three-dimensional photo,” Chris explains.

“Unlike photos that are limited to what was photographed, our 3D scans capture an entire scene, which can be imported into a VR environment. With the VR goggles, our engineers can step into their scan. If an element that wasn’t thought of as important before becomes a vital piece of evidence, they can just walk back in and observe it, measure it, or look behind it. They can virtually revisit a scene. It is extremely powerful.” Chris is looking forward to harness the potential of VR for both the forensic experts and the court. 


  1. Bachelor of Arts Fine Arts / Computer Graphics, Rutgers University, 1997

professional associations

  1. Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques (SIGGRAPH) member

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