Ms. Cimarron MacDonald provides support to MEA Forensic’s engineers in the Toronto office. Cimarron assists Collision Reconstruction, Road Design, and Failure Analysis experts. As a project coordinator, Cimarron is often the main contact for clients, opening new files, as well as making sure deadlines are noted and kept. Her role calls for a good deal of project management, keeping close tabs on the progress of files. She also looks after storing and organizing various types of evidence.

With more than 30 years’ experience as an executive legal assistant, Cimarron understands the needs of lawyers and insurance professionals. Cimarron also ran her own photography business for years and now uses her eye for detail and experience with capturing images to help MEA’s reports look as good as they can. When Cimarron joined MEA, she was already familiar with the firm’s commitment to accuracy and quality: “Working at a law firm, I used to read MEA’s reports. I always found it fascinating, how the engineers could find the answers.”