Mr. Eric Alford is a technologist and an animator in MEA Forensic’s Los Angeles office. He creates images and 3D animations, based on the analysis of the firm’s engineers, to help illustrate how an event unfolded. He holds an Associate of Art degree from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.

Communicating the results of an engineering analysis is an important aspect of MEA’s work. The firm’s engineers look to Eric to help demonstrate the findings of their technical investigations through high-quality graphics and animations. Typically, Eric works with 3D scans of the actual case vehicles and accident scenes for accuracy, ensuring that key details such as trees and road features are replicated. “I take that information and make a 3D world so that we can show what happened in a logical and clear way,” he says.

An animator by trade, Eric previously worked as the head of a graphics department, as an illustrator, and for NASA, where he helped the American space agency take small steps into the world of virtual reality.