Ms. Eva Wong provides support to MEA Forensic’s Injury Biomechanics experts in Los Angeles. As a project coordinator, she is part of a close-knit team that keeps everyone and everything on track: organizing calendars, materials, evidence, and engineers. “As project coordinators, we are full-time, multitasking miracle workers,” she says.

More often than not, project coordinators are the first contact for clients. “We act as liaisons between the client and engineers to make sure that everyone has what they need in order for the experts to be able to do a good job for the client.” Eva obtains detailed information about the case early in the process, thereby saving time for both clients and the firm’s engineers. She also shoulders non-technical tasks for the firm’s forensic experts, freeing them up to focus on the engineering.

Eva studied criminal justice for two years before switching over to complete her Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Public Relations at California State University, Los Angeles. Prior to joining MEA, she worked as a logistics analyst for a transportation company. Combining elements of criminal justice, logistics, and customer service, the position of project coordinator at MEA was a perfect fit. “What I like best about this work is that we are providing clients with answers. Hopefully, our findings allow closure and answer some questions as to what happened.”