As a project coordinator, Ms. Justine Wilkie supports the injury biomechanics experts of our California office. “In broad terms, I manage the flow of information between our clients and our engineers,” she explains.

Justine moved from Los Angeles to join MEA’s bustling office in Laguna Hills in 2019. Working for small businesses in the past helped her develop an ability to wear many hats at once, a useful skill when joining a dynamic company like MEA. Now, from organizing schedules to managing evidence, accounts, and administrative tasks, she spares no effort in making our work as efficient as possible.

“It is my first time working for a company with offices outside of the country,” she notes. “Yet, I have never been in a team where people work so much and so well together. We meet regularly, and the door is always open for suggestions on how to improve our work environment. I am constantly impressed, and I feel lucky to be a part of this.”