Ms. Melissa Black provides support to the firm’s collision reconstruction experts in the Vancouver office. As a project coordinator, Melissa is often the first point of contact for clients; she ensures that they receive timely assistance with their matter. She works with the collision reconstruction group to ensure that each case is assigned to the engineer best suited for the job. “Because we are both key organizers, and the first contact for clients, they can expect full service when they call us. We can recommend which expert they should speak with, depending on the nature of the case.”

Along with providing day-to-day logistical support to the engineers working on cases, Melissa helps with PC-Crash, a physics-based collision simulation program. MEA Forensic is the authorized vendor of this program in North America. Melissa assists with sales, installation, and directs customer support. She is also involved in organizing PC-Crash workshops, which the firm hosts throughout the year.

After receiving her Biology degree from UBC, Melissa obtained an Advanced Specialty Certificate in Forensic Investigation with a concentration in Forensic Science from BCIT. Her education helps her understand and anticipate the sequence of a forensic investigation. Melissa has long had an interest in the field of forensic science. “It’s always interesting to see how engineers approach each file. There’s a new challenge every day.”