Mr. Steyn Visagie is a professional land surveyor based out of MEA Forensic’s Los Angeles office. With nearly twenty years of experience as a surveyor and project manager, he is able to determine lot boundaries, property lines, and zoning areas to resolve issues of ownership and liability. For example, he can determine where a slip and fall accident occurred relative to property lines. Steyn has testified as an expert witness in trial.

Steyn provides surveying and mapping support for MEA’s engineers. Either assisting or attending the accident sites himself, Steyn makes sure the right information is captured. “I help the engineers get the best, most accurate representation of the accident scene. This can play a critical role in understanding how an event occurred,” he says.

Cell phones, navigation systems, dash cameras, and aviation data recorders are sources of global positioning system (GPS) data for accident investigators. Steyn’s experience with GPS data helps him to determine vehicle speed and position, or the flight path of a helicopter from this kind of information. Steyn also assists with the analysis of photographs and video evidence using 3D laser scans of accident sites and graphics software. Not only does Steyn’s work generate results that MEA’s clients can rely on, it generates powerful graphic illustrations and animations of events.

At MEA, Steyn is motivated by the challenge of representing the physical world as accurately and elegantly as possible. “I help provide a concise illustration of complex events,” says Steyn. Clients can then proceed with the facts of the case in hand.


  1. Bachelor of Science, Surveying (4 year degree), University of Cape Town, South Africa, 1998.

professional status

  1. Professional Land Surveyor, State of California, License No. L 9263
  2. Licensed Land Surveyor, Commonwealth of Virginia, License No. (040300)2710

Professional Experience

  1. MEA Forensic Engineers & Scientists
    Land Surveyor/Spatial Analyst, 2014 to present

    Responsible for all surveying and mapping related matters (i.e. scene surveys and mapping, scene reconstructions, spatial data processing and analysis, video & photograph analysis, graphics and animation, etc.).

  2. Westland Group, Inc., Rancho Cucamonga & Santa Clarita, CA
    Project Surveyor and Project Manager, 2012 to 2014

    Responsible for executing and/or managing mapping and design projects for high pressure gas lines. These projects included topographic, as-built and right-of-way/easement mapping, writing legal descriptions, as well as designing high pressure gas line alignments and construction plans. Responsible for all operations at the Santa Clarita branch office.

  3. Rouse-Sirine Associates, Ltd., Virginia Beach, VA
    Project Surveyor and Project Manager, 2002 to 2011

    Project manager for numerous public utilities and public works topographic survey and mapping projects. Conducted and managed numerous subdivision, boundary, and mortgage surveys for the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority. Responsible for all 3D laser scanning projects. Also conducted numerous ALTA surveys and flood certificate surveys.

  4. CK Rumboll & Partners, Malmesbury, South Africa
    Land-Surveyor-In-Training & Professional Land Surveyor, 1999 to 2002

Lectures & Presentations

  1. August 2011 – Old Dominion University (Land Development Program), Surveying
  2. August 2010 – Hampton Roads GIS Users Group, 3D Laser Scanning

Training & Professional Development

  1. December, 2014 – Rail Safety Training Course, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Los Angeles, CA.
  2. January, 2010 – LEICA Laser Scanning Training, Norcross, GA