Mr. Udyoga Amarasinghe is an engineering technologist in MEA Forensic’s Toronto office. He provides support to the firm’s Collision Reconstruction engineers.

Udy turns point-cloud surveys of cars and accident locations into 3D digital models that the engineers can use in their analysis and computer simulations. He also helps generate high-quality drawings, animations, and videos that illustrate the results of an engineer’s work. If an experiment or test needs to be done for a case, Udy provides technical support. He has built a number of test fixtures and measurement systems.

Udy has a Bachelor’s in Physics from the University of Prince Edward Island. Prior to joining MEA, he used 3D scans to document, measure and model aircraft parts for a Canadian aviation company. Udy enjoys the problem-solving aspect of forensic engineering. “I’ve always liked unraveling mysteries,” he says.