Mr. Wilson Wang is a Project Coordinator in our Vancouver office. He assists the engineers of our Collision Reconstruction and Failure Analysis groups to keep our investigations on track. He plays an important role in the team that allows our experts to work efficiently and effectively on our clients’ cases.

Wilson has a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Forestry from the University of British Columbia. He is spearheading MEA’s digitizing and archiving efforts, getting documents scanned, safely stored, and easily searchable. He also organizes evidence storage. This is crucial in MEA’s line of work, where evidence can be as small as a chip of metal, or as big as a deconstructed helicopter.

Wilson developed a taste for impeccable organization prior to joining MEA, working as a plant collection assistant for the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, ON. “I derive much satisfaction in working behind the scene”, he says, “knowing that my work, while somewhat invisible to our clients, is, in fact, essential to the success of our firm and the effectiveness of our engineers.”