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Our experts have put together useful guides for gathering key information about your case.

Failure Analysis

Gathering evidence for Failure Analysis Isolate/identify the failure Locate the failure, fracture, defect Consider multiple failures or causes It might be remote from the location of the worst damage Photograph the scene and all evidence liberally Secure the scene Set camera... + read more

Evidence Collection for Bicycle Cases

Useful Information for Bicycle Cases Basic Information What were your height, weight, and age on the day in question? Are you right or left handed? Do you need corrective lenses? Were you wearing corrective lenses or protective eyewear? Were... + read more

Injury Biomechanics

Discovery Questions Basic Information What was your height, weight and age on the day in question? Are you right or left handed? Seat and Head Restraint Where were you seated? Describe your seat adjustment (forward/backward), seatback angle (normal/reclined) and... + read more

Collision Reconstruction

Discovery Questions General Collision Information Where and when (date, time) did the collision occur? How many vehicles were involved? What directions and in what lanes were the vehicles traveling before impact? Where did impact occur? How did the vehicles... + read more