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Pilot Duty of Care and the Role of the Human Factors Expert

When an aircraft accident occurs, everyone wants to uncover the underlying causal and contributory factors; in other words, the why. After careful examination of all available information in an aviation accident investigation, a skilled human factors expert can render educated opinions regarding a wide range of issues, from duty of care considerations to external influences […]

Why Don’t Commercial Airplane Passengers Have Parachutes?

Among the pilot’s last words on Air France 447 that crashed in the Atlantic in 2009 were “This can’t be happening”, denying the tragic fact that there is no chance of survival on an aircraft that experiences a catastrophic malfunction at cruise altitude. There is always hope for survival in land and sea accidents, because […]

In-flight turbulence injuries: We could be in for a bumpy ride…

2011 was an active year for turbulence-related aviation injuries. Several major airlines operated flights that were affected by turbulence categorized as “moderate” or worse, with multiple events sending passengers and crew to the emergency room. Turbulence is a disturbance in air movements that typically cannot be seen. Turbulence can occur as a result of any […]

Helicopter Crashes Caused by Freewheel Disengagements

Helicopters can land safely after the engine loses power because the rotor blades can continue to turn, or autorotate, and provide lift. Autorotation is enabled by inserting a freewheel between the engine and the rotor. The freewheel locks the engine to the rotor when the engine is applying power to the rotor, but disengages the […]

Aircraft Accident Investigation: Eight Tips for Deploying an Aviation Expert

Aircraft accident investigation is considerably more complex than many other areas of forensic engineering. In accidents involving vehicles or consumer products, an expert from a single engineering discipline is often sufficient to analyze your case. Due to the complexity of aviation matters, however, multiple experts from a range of engineering disciplines are often needed. The […]