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The Role of Driver-Assistance Technology in Accident Reconstruction

Self-driving cars aren’t here yet, but Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) are widespread. These systems can independently warn drivers of potential risks, steer, brake and accelerate. As accident reconstruction experts, we can already see the influence of ADAS in the crash data we download from cars. They are changing the way we reconstruct accidents, and […]

Distracted Driving: How it Affects Liability

Distraction has always affected drivers, but the addition of interactive devices like cell phones and navigation systems has raised both the opportunity for distracted driving and awareness of its perils. Although official US statistics show that only 17% of injury-causing collisions involved distraction,1 a yearlong study monitoring drivers during regular vehicle use showed that inattention […]

Three Factors for Assessing a Driver’s Emergency Response

A driver who fails to avoid a roadway hazard, such as a pedestrian, cyclist or other car, could have his pre-crash responses closely scrutinized if the crash is investigated.  Driver responses are generally scrutinized in three ways: 1) response speed, 2) response choice, and 3) response magnitude. Response Speed The time it takes a driver […]

Pilot Duty of Care and the Role of the Human Factors Expert

When an aircraft accident occurs, everyone wants to uncover the underlying causal and contributory factors; in other words, the why. After careful examination of all available information in an aviation accident investigation, a skilled human factors expert can render educated opinions regarding a wide range of issues, from duty of care considerations to external influences […]

Why Don’t Commercial Airplane Passengers Have Parachutes?

Among the pilot’s last words on Air France 447 that crashed in the Atlantic in 2009 were “This can’t be happening”, denying the tragic fact that there is no chance of survival on an aircraft that experiences a catastrophic malfunction at cruise altitude. There is always hope for survival in land and sea accidents, because […]

Distracted Driving: The Dangers of Multitasking

Seventy-eight percent of crashes are estimated to involve driver inattention. Of these crashes, many are related to drivers who distract themselves by attempting to multitask. The graph below shows the various multitasking activities that commonly distract drivers before a crash Multitasking generally impairs performance at each individual task. Drivers cannot look in two places at […]

Pedestrian Visibility in Night-time Impacts

“I didn’t see them until it was too late!”  This phrase often appears in the statements of drivers involved in a nighttime collision, especially when pedestrians are involved. In many cases, it will be very true. Pedestrians often place themselves in situations in which even the alert average driver would be unable to avoid them. […]