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Bicycle helmets stand the test of time

Helmets withstand the test of time. Using 770 donated bicycle helmets, Alyssa DeMarco, Dennis Chimich, and Gunter Siegmund found little or no evidence of helmet age-related deterioration in impact performance. Within the limitations of the sample and test conditions, these findings do not justify replacing a damage-free helmet every 2-10 years as recommended by some […]

Concussion and Whiplash Injury

Can a concussion be caused by a low-speed rear-end crash? The prevailing science suggests the answer is no, but new research has identified some cases where the answer could be yes. Most people link whiplash injuries to low-speed rear-end crashes and concussions to direct head impacts. These links are sufficiently pervasive that the type of […]

There’s Something in the Road – Now What?!

Drivers predictably encounter the unpredictable. Whether as benign as a newspaper blowing across the road or as serious as a child darting from the curb, drivers must decide what to do when confronted with these situations. In the case of the blowing newspaper, a driver may decide to do nothing, whereas in more serious situations, […]

Biomechanical Analysis of Concussion

Like most other injuries, concussions occur in the blink of an eye. Unlike most injuries, however, concussions can occur without leaving a physical mark. Even when a concussion is diagnosed, the question may remain whether the event alleged to have caused the concussion was indeed responsible. From a biomechanical perspective, it is sometimes possible to […]

Could that have caused a concussion? A biomechanical perspective

With increasing media coverage of concussions comes increased awareness of the incidence and consequences of this often misunderstood injury. Concussions, also known as mild traumatic brain injuries, typically resolve in days or weeks, but can have long-term effects in a small percentage of injured individuals. When concussion forms part of a personal injury claim, the […]

In-flight turbulence injuries: We could be in for a bumpy ride…

2011 was an active year for turbulence-related aviation injuries. Several major airlines operated flights that were affected by turbulence categorized as “moderate” or worse, with multiple events sending passengers and crew to the emergency room. Turbulence is a disturbance in air movements that typically cannot be seen. Turbulence can occur as a result of any […]

Biomechanics of Head Injury Causation and Prevention

Did the claimant sustain a head injury in the incident? Would the diagnosed head injury have been prevented if the claimant was using a protective device such as a helmet, seat belt or airbag? Biomechanical engineers frequently answer injury causation and prevention questions like these in personal injury claims. Causation To answer head injury mechanism […]

Break a leg: Analyzing vehicle-pedestrian collisions

A complete understanding of the collision events involving a vehicle-pedestrian impact can mean the difference between winning and losing a case. To achieve this complete understanding, the right information needs to be gathered as soon as possible following an accident. This information includes physical evidence (e.g., photographs and measurements of tire marks, vehicle damage, rest […]