We help our clients resolve legal and insurance issues quickly and fairly. When disputes arise after an event, we can analyze the physical evidence to determine how and why it happened.

Accidents can be life-changing events for those involved. And the post-accident turmoil sometimes involves issues of guilt, liability or damages. When eyewitnesses don’t agree about what happened, forensic engineers and scientists give the physical evidence a voice. Tire marks at a crash scene, a broken machine part, an x-ray of a bone fracture are all clues that, when scientifically interpreted can tell a story.

We believe that by providing independent, unbiased and science-based conclusions about how and why an event occurred, we help resolve legal and insurance issues. Most of the cases we work on settle before trial. While our engineering conclusions are just one piece of the legal puzzle, we believe that our honest opinions provide clarity and help resolve thorny issues. When matters do not settle before trial, we are prepared to testify at arbitration, mediation or trial and honestly explain our work. We aim to help the judge or jury understand what the evidence tells us.

The engineers and scientists at MEA are experienced, smart and persistent. We will give you honest, straight-forward and defendable answers to your questions. We understand that our conclusions need to stand up to the scrutiny of other experts, insurance adjusters, lawyers, judges and juries. We also understand that to be effective, expert witnesses need to be unbiased, stay within their areas of expertise, and acknowledge where the evidence, or a lack of background science, does not allow a strong conclusion.

In addition to working on specific cases for clients, MEA conducts broader research and publishes peer-reviewed papers. This research improves our case work. It improves the scope and the accuracy of the answers we provide. It also teaches us how research is done, what works and what doesn’t, so that we are able to look at the research of others with a critical eye. Finally, research helps MEA to attract and retain inquisitive employees who want to learn. In the ever-changing world of forensic engineering, these attributes are the key to continued excellence.

From the research projects we initiate to the meticulous approach we follow on our case work, we believe that our drive to get the right answer separates us from other forensic engineering firms. If you think we can help you, please contact us.