Slip, Trip, and Fall cases

Evidence collection guide for slip, trip and fall cases.

Basic Information

What was your height, weight and age on the day in question? What clothes were you wearing? What were you carrying, in what hand were you carrying it and how heavy was it? Do you need corrective lenses? Were you wearing corrective lenses? Were you wearing sunglasses? Are you right or left handed? With which foot do you kick a ball?


Provide a detailed description of the footwear: type of footwear, brand, model, fastening system (laces, buckle, etc.), sole material, etc. How old is the footwear? Has it ever been repaired? How often do you wear this footwear? How worn is the sole? Is the footwear still available? Has it been worn since the incident? Was the footwear damaged by the incident?

Property/Premises Information

What is the complete address of the property in question? Who owns the property? What type of property is it? What is its primary use? Was it being used for some other purpose? When was it built, remodeled or renovated?

Scene and Surface Information

Where on the property/premises did the incident happen? Mark the exact location on a photograph or drawing if possible. What was the flooring material? Has there been a change in the flooring material at the incident site? Was the surface clean and dry? Describe any contaminants (e.g., water, ice, dust, leaves, paper, oil, etc.). Describe any relevant discontinuities (e.g., stairs, ramps, door sills, etc.) or defects (e.g., cracks, ridges, roots, heaves, holes, etc.). How big were the defects? Were there handrails or guards present?

Pre-Incident Motion

Describe your path through the scene (straight/ turning/etc.)? What direction were you traveling? Where were you going? Were you walking or running? How fast were you traveling? Prior to the incident, did you form an impression of the surface slipperiness? Did you modify your gait to accommodate the floor slipperiness?

Detailed Incident Description

Did you slip or trip? On which foot did you slip/ trip? Provide a detailed description of how the slip/ trip occurred. Did your heel slip forward or did your toe slip back? How far did your foot slip? Did your foot regain traction at some point? Where in the gait cycle did you trip (start/middle/ end of leg swing)? Describe if and how you tried to recover? Did you fall? Describe how you fell. What did your body, arms and legs do while falling? What part of your body struck the ground first? What other body parts struck the ground? Did you hit any objects other than the ground? Describe your body position when it first came to rest. Which direction were you facing?

Environment and Distractions

What was the air temperature and humidity? If outdoors, was there rain or snow? Where was your attention directed immediately prior to the incident? Where were you looking? Were you using a mobile phone or other electronic device? Were you distracted by something?

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