MEA scientists at the IRCOBI Conference in Florence, Italy

IRCOBI conference

An international group of researchers and scientists, experts in injury biomechanics, are gathering at the 2019 IRCOBI International Scientific Conference on September 11-13.  Research projects involving our engineers Gunter Siegmund, Peter Cripton and Ben Elkin will be presented to the interested audience; Brad Rutledge, Stephanie Bonin and Dennis Chimich will also be attending the conference in Florence, Italy.

Since 1973, the International Research Council on Biomechanics of Injury (IRCOBI, then known as the International Research Committee on the Biokinetics of Impact) has been conducting an annual international scientific conference in Europe to review new knowledge on human tolerance to impact as gleaned from field accident studies, experimental research and experience from current occupant protection systems and devices. It has also sponsored specialized conferences and seminars on such topics as trauma to children, two-wheel vehicle users, and pedestrian protection. The peer-reviewed proceedings of these various meetings are now recognized internationally as an important source of knowledge on impact biomechanics and crash injury studies. the IRCOBI Council provides an academically rigorous forum for the dissemination of the latest research into injury causation and protective systems.

To know more about the research work that keeps our engineers at the cutting edge of their field, see our Research page. 

The IRCOBI conference proceedings are available online. Here are the projects our engineers have been working on: 

A novel technique for improving the accuracy of head kinematics measurements in mice using high-speed videography

K McInnes, Z Abebe, T Whyte, A Bashir, C Baron, C Wellington, P Cripton
University of British Columbia

Head/neck kinematics and muscle responses for relaxed drivers and passengers in frontal and rear impacts

J Fice, D Mang, J Ólafsdóttir, K Brolin, P Cripton, JS Blouin, G Siegmund
University of British Columbia, Chalmer University of Technology, MEA Forensic Engineers & Scientists

Characterisation of porcine brain tissue mechanical properties at large deformations

S Sundaresh, J Finan, B Elkin, C Lee, J Xiao, B Morrison III
Columbia University, NorthShore University Health System, MEA Forensic Engineers & Scientists, National University of Singapore

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