MEA sponsors the Northwest Biomechanics Symposium

The American Society of Biomechanics’ 15th annual Northwest Biomechanics Symposium is held on May 17-18, at Montana State University. Through excellent student presentations and group discussions, the symposium celebrates the diverse biomechanical research from across the Northwest. Once again this year, MEA is proud to present the awards for the symposium’s best podium and poster presenters and recognize the importance of pairing state-of-the-art biomechanics research with the communication skills necessary to share it.

The Northwest Biomechanics Symposium encourages biomechanics students and recent graduates by focusing on student learning, collaboration, and knowledge transfer. It also aims to assist regional collaborations between research institutions and foster advances in biomechanics research and education.

Biomechanics represents the broad interplay between mechanics and biological systems. The American Society of Biomechanics (ASB) was founded in 1977 to encourage and foster the exchange of information and ideas among biomechanists working in different disciplines and to facilitate the development of biomechanics as a basic and applied science. It has a membership of approximately 850 academic researchers, clinicians, scientists, students, and industry members.

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