From MEA Forensic’s Los Angeles office, Ms. Courtney Bridge provides support to the Collision Reconstruction and Aviation experts. Her job as project coordinator involves liaising with clients, opening files and monitoring their progress, logging and storage of evidence, scheduling inspections, and a good deal more. “We assist our engineers with everything they need to conduct their investigations,” she says.

Courtney used to work for a private investigations firm, where she learned some useful skills. “We’ve had cases at MEA where clients thought a vehicle was long gone and I was able to track it down, sometimes out of the country,” she says. “When vehicles or other important pieces of evidence cannot be found, an identical exemplar may help. Once I find one, measurements and photographs taken by an engineer will be used in their forensic analysis.”

With an education in criminal justice and forensic science, Courtney enjoys the variety of her position. “Every case is unique, which means that every day is too,” she says.