Mr. Mircea Oala-Florescu is a mechanical technologist at MEA Forensic. From the office in Vancouver, he provides support to the firm’s forensic engineers. Mircea uses graphics software to turn raw survey data into scale models of collision locations and crashed cars that the engineers can use in their computer simulations. Mircea also runs MEA’s machine shop where he builds equipment for testing and research.

Mircea holds a Master of Science degree from the Transylvania University of Brasov. Before joining MEA he worked at off-road vehicle and bus factories. He also worked for several years ensuring that vehicles conformed with Romanian safety and performance regulations.

Research and testing are integral to MEA. Mircea designs and builds the required custom machines, fixtures, and test equipment. “We built a 20-foot long computer-controlled linear motor that we use for whiplash research and testing car seats,” Mircea says, describing examples of devices he has helped to build. “We have a roll-over simulator and I designed and manufactured a drop-tower, which we are using for our helmet research.” These kinds of devices allow MEA’s engineers to run the experiments needed to answer their clients’ questions.