Stacey Newman is a project coordinator, providing support to MEA Forensic’s engineers in both the Injury Biomechanics and the Collision Reconstruction groups in Toronto. Stacey works directly with clients and MEA’s engineers, receiving phone calls, coordinating inspections, collecting case information, and sending out reports. She is deeply involved in gathering and storing evidence and maintaining internal records. “I help our engineers manage the life cycle of a file,” she says.

Stacey is always available to assist clients. Because she helps with all aspects of MEA projects, she understands what is needed for clients to receive effective and timely answers. In particular, she works hard to collect key information early in the life of a file so that the firm’s engineers have what they need to do their work.

Stacey has a Law Clerk diploma from Humber College and a decade of experience working at law firms as a legal administrator. She draws on this career experience to provide efficient services to the firm’s clients, both legal and insurance professionals.