Getting a Handle on Trial Stress – MEA sponsors CDL webinar

On September 1st 2020, the Canadian Defence Lawyers presents a webinar that will give their members better tools to handle trial stress. MEA Forensic is proud to sponsor this virtual event.

Speakers Lisa Jean Helps of Helps Law Corporation, Kyla Lee of Acumen Law Corporation, Derek LaCroix of the Lawyers Assistance Program of BC and Lawyer Therapist Doron Gold have dealt with, and helped others deal with, the stress of practice and trial. With moderator Rabjeet S. Wallia of Swadden & Company, they will discuss the stress, anxiety, depression, dread, and a host of other emotions a litigator can expect to feel before a trial. You can access the details of the event and register on the CDL website.

Canadian Defence Lawyers (CDL) in a Canadia-wide organization representing the interests of civil defence lawyers. They offer members from coast to coast to coast opportunities to unite over common issues.

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