Gunter presents on whiplash at YSYH conference

Gunter discusses whiplash injury at Your Spine Your Health conference

MEA’s Director of Research, Dr. Gunter Siegmund, is the opening presenter at Your Spine Your Health INC’s  Chiropractor Continuing Education Conference 2019. He will discuss some of his research on whiplash injury to the attendees gathered in Burnaby, BC on October 6th. The conference on New Spinal Nerve Research & Vertebral Body Modic Changes aims to coach guests on how to get better information for medical legal reports and patient outcomes. It brings together researchers, practitioners and educators to engage in conversations towards the group’s shared goal: Evidence-Based Care Supporting Practice-Based Evidence.

Gunter’s presentation is titled: Quantifying the intervertebral geometry, spinal canal pressure and tissue changes related to injury of the cervical dorsal root ganglia.

“Whiplash injury is a common, yet poorly understood injury experienced by some people exposed to low-speed rear-end, frontal and lateral car crashes, he explains. Multiple different organic mechanisms have been proposed to explain whiplash injury, including stretching of the facet joint capsules or other spinal ligaments, pinching of the synovial fold within the facet joints, pressure-induced stretching of the dorsal root ganglia and surrounding nerve tracts, stretching of the vertebral artery, and stretching of the neck muscles and tendons. The current study focuses on the mechanism related to the dorsal root ganglia.”

The conference’s keynote speaker is MS. BJ Gdanski, Corporate Director, Provincial Practice Education and Health Services Placement Network (HSPnet) and Board Chair for the Pacific Academic Institute of Chiropractic. She is presenting: Digital Health, Education and Research: Transforming the Health System:  Leveraging digital technology and changes in healthcare to advance practice, education and research.

The conference also includes a presentation from Dr. Cynthia Peterson RN, DC, DACBR, M.Med.Ed. on Modic Changes and Spine Pain. The event is hosted by Dr. Don Nixdorf of Broadmoor Chiropractic & Health, Chair of the Pacific Spine Education and Research Foundation since 2013. The full program is available here

Your Spine Your Health INC is an organization supporting spinal health research and education.

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