MEA sponsors CLD webinar: Winning with Technology

On May 29th, 2020, the Canadian Defence Lawyers present the webinar: Winning with Technology. A technology enthusiast, MEA Forensic is proud to sponsor this learning experience for defence lawyers and CDL members from across the country.

CDL has assembled a stellar panel of a former judge, mediator, and counsel who have seen and used trial presentation technology in trials and other settings. Attendees will learn how to kick up their powers of persuasion another notch and take control of their next trial, hearing, or mediation.

The webinar is chaired by John Lea of Aviva Trial Lawyers. Participants will get an update on the Court’s “e-committee” and a demonstration of how this technology works in the courtroom and the mediation room with John A. Olah of Beard Winter LLP and  Frank Gomberg of Gomberg Mediation Solutions. The Honourable Giovanna Toscano Roccamo, a former judge, along with senior mediator Charles Gluckstein of Gluckstein Personal Injury Lawyers, will share their perspectives on trial presentation technology. Finally, Joseph M. Matthews, one of America’s top trial lawyers now an international arbitrator, will describe the US experience where this technology has been widely used for well over a decade.

For all the details or to register for the webinar, visit this page.

Canadian Defence Lawyers (CDL) in a Canadia-wide organization representing the interests of civil defence lawyers. They offer members from coast to coast to coast opportunities to unite over common issues.

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