Video conferencing in your law practice – MEA sponsors CDL webinar

On April 9th, 2020, the Canadian Defence Lawyers is holding a webinar on how law practitioners can use Zoom as efficiently and safely as possible. An avid user of Zoom for both our virtual continuing education seminars and our internal meetings, MEA Forensic is proud to sponsor this webinar. Jonathan Lawrence, Marcia Araujo and Jahvanna Ryan will be on the call as well. Looking forward to learning alongside you.

Zoom has become the go-to platform for remote practice these days. With this video and audio conference tool one can relatively easily continue to conduct the vast majority of the things they used to have to do face to face. Discovery or mediation; internal meetings or meetings with clients and witnesses; settlement conferences; etc. Conceivably, on consent one could do an arbitration or undertake certain court proceedings such as case management or pre-trials. In short, the legal system could continue to move forward to a large extent.

This webinar is chaired by John Lea of Aviva Trial Lawyers, with guest speakers Frank Gomberg of Gomberg Mediation Solutions, and John Olah of Beard Winter LLP. Find the full program and register here.

Participants of this audio-conference will walk away with an understanding of how to practice using Zoom to lead and participate in discoveries and mediations and hear from senior counsel who have used this technology and want to show how to use it as securely as possible.

Canadian Defence Lawyers (CDL) in a Canadia-wide organization representing the interests of civil defence lawyers. They offer members from coast to coast to coast opportunities to unite over common issues.

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