Phases of Litigation in a Modernized Court System – MEA sponsors TLABC webinar

MEA Sponsors TLABC webinar Phases of Litigation in a Modernized Court System

The Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia (TLABC) presents a live webinar on the Phases of Litigation in a Modernized Court System, on Friday November 6th. As a firm whose experts have also been learning to work and testify in the modernized court system, MEA Forensic is happy to sponsor this educational session for trial lawyers.

The efforts of the Courts to modernize as a result of COVID-19 means that all participants in the legal system must turn their attention to how modern technology can be used to advance cases. The presenters will address how technology can be integrated into each phase of litigation, and specific topics are dedicated to e-discovery, virtual advocacy, and the modernization project in general. The event is chaired by Karey Brooks of JFK Law and Art Vertileb QC of Vertileb Siren.

The full program is split in two parts: pre-trial steps and trial advocacy. The full schedule and list of presenters can be found on the TLABC event page.

The Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia (TLABC) is a non-profit society with a membership of over 1500 legal professionals. They represent individuals and are united with the goals of protecting rights, ensuring access to the courts, preserving the jury system and maintaining the highest of standards in legal education.